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  Scientists And Supercomputers Prove Theory Which Could Revolutionize Lasers
- 13 October 2010
More brilliant X-rays, more cost-effective methods for developing new energy sources and advanced manufacturing processes are just some of the benefits which may come from a novel technology, proven at the theoretical level...
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Incept BioSystems Completes First Human Clinical Trial Of The SMART Start™ Embryo Culture System And Submits 510(k) Application To The FDA
- 13 October 2010
Incept BioSystems, Inc. ("Incept"), a privately-held biomedical device company using patented, microfluidic technology developed at the University of Michigan, announced the completion of the first U.S...
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Results Of Innovative Clinical Study Show New Combination For Weight Loss Success
- 13 October 2010
As the weight loss and fitness industry thought leaders gathered this week to discuss the nation's obesity epidemic, a new research study presented at the conference identified a new formula for weight loss success. BodyMedia, Inc...
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  Japan questions South Korea G20 leadership over FX
Reuters -
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan went on the offensive as global currency tensions escalated, charging on Wednesday that South Korea's leadership of the G20 could be called into question because of Seoul's regular intervention to stem the won's rise...
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Cash floods into China, raising pressure on yuan
BEIJING (Reuters) -
China's foreign exchange reserves soared in the third quarter and its trade surplus remained hefty, showing that the country is under both economic and political pressure to let the yuan rise more quickly...
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Is Obama Good For Indian Economy?

Obama once spoke about his admiration for Mahatma Gandhi. He also added that the portrait of this great man hangs prominently in his Senate office. But in the today, when this admirer has been elected as the American president, will he harm the nation which was as dear as a child to his role model?...
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