Fantastic Snacks is an Australian owned company that has taken traditional Japanese food ideas – such as rice crackers and noodle cups – and have redefined them in pursuit of one goal. "Taste"

Taste Fantastic...


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Intense Flavour Noodles

Intense Flavour Noodles are all about taste. Intense Flavour noodles are for people that are passionate about taste and love the intensity of flavours found in international cuisines. The range includes the following flavours:

  • Portuguese Piri-Piri
  • Indian Vindaloo
  • Spicy Jamaican

Broth Noodle Cups

It is hard to go past Fantastic Cups if you are looking for a tasty and convenient snack. Fantastic's broth Noodle Cups offer a convenient, tasty snack in a range of great tasting flavours including:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lamb Kebab
  • Pepperoni
  • Oriental

By simply adding boiling water, in three minutes you will have a snack that tastes Fantastic!

Fantastic Pasta Cups

Fantastic Pasta Cups are a great alternative for a convenient snack or meal at any time of the day. Available in a range of great tasting flavours including:

  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Bacon & Cheese

Simply add boiling water, stir and wait for three to four minutes.


Fantastic Fresh Cooking Noodles

Fantastic Fresh Cooking Noodles range is the perfect complement to prepare your authentic and tasty Asian noodle recipes. Stir fried with meat and vegetables or simmering in soup, Fantastic Fresh Noodles range helps you to create noodle meals that Taste Fantastic!

Hokkien Noodles
Originally a favourite of the Hokkien Chinese; these noodles were soon introduced to Malaysia and are now enjoyed in stir-fry dishes all over the world. Due to their size, they take on more sauce and deliver more flavour. It is especially suitable for the preparation of saucy noodle dishes.

Chow Mein
These traditional noodles are made from an age old recipe using only the finest ingredients.
A firm favourite in Chinese restaurants the world over, noodle lovers can now enjoy Chow Mein in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Thai Noodles
An authentic Thai eating experience is now available in your own kitchen. Savour the unique texture of this noodle with your choice of stir-fry or soup noodle recipes.

Singapore Noodles
As the name suggests, these noodles originated in Singapore, but are a popular feature in many Asian dishes. Singapore noodles, the popular dish, is made with tossed noodles, vegetables and a hot and spicy sauce.


Fantastic Dry Cooking Noodles

Fantastic Dry Cooking Noodles make cooking your tasty Asian noodle recipes a breeze.
Get your snack or meal ready in a matter of minutes!

  Long Life Noodles
According to the Chinese, these versatile and delicious noodles signify longevity and happiness. Enjoy the special texture from Fantastic Long Life Wide Noodles with your favourite noodle recipes.
  Instant Cooking Noodles
Fantastic Instant Cooking Noodles are great for quick noodle soup dishes or simply with stir- fried dishes. Add your own flavour and ingredients to these for a delicious snack or meal. They come in packs of 10 individual cakes so you can cook the quantity you need.

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